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Every building project big or small requires inspections. Every city, county, and local regulatory agency requires you to have proper materials and procedural inspections before issuing you a occupancy permit, or use permit.

Every building whether it be a skyscraper or a rammed earth residence must be made a certain way with certain materials and kept to certain standards. That is where CRT comes in. In order to occupy a building, you will be required to show certification of compliance by a testing laboratory.

CRT is approved and accepted as an inspection laboratory by Federal, State and Local Regulatory Agencies such as: HUD, FHA, IAPMO, SIPA, ORS, ICBO, US Corps of Engineers as well as County and City building departments.

Here are some of the tests required:

Sampling and Field Testing of Materials: Special Inspections
Placement: Concrete, Reinforcement and Welding
Batch Plant Facilities and Concrete Batching
Pre & Post-Tensioning Tendon Testing
Gunite Material Metering and Placement
Proof Load testing of insert Dowels or Anchor Bolts

Sampling and Field Testing of Materials
On-site Batching of Mortar and Grout
Reinforcement Placement and Welding
Masonry Placement Procedures
Batch Plant facilities and Grout Batching
Core Drilling Samples

Structural & Miscellaneous Steel
Sampling and Tagging or Marking Tested Material
Shop Fabrication and Welding (Visual & NDT)
Field Erection and Assembly
Field Welding (visual & NDT) & Bolting

Light Gage Metal
Sampling and Tagging tested material
Field Welding and Fasteners or Studs
Proof Load Testing of Connections